SHARISHARISHARI@Kinetica Art Fair 2013

An Intelligent Furniture by SHARISHARISHARI + Takumi Matsuo

We sharisharishari exhibited a tea ceremony house as an intelligent architecture with kinetic-tensegrity-roof and reactive floor. This space can provide a unique experience – light and shadows correspond with human movement below controlled by the embedded sensors in the floor.

The installation was referring to “In Praise of Shadow” by Junichiro Tanizaki, which discussed traditional Japanese aesthetics in contrast with change. Contrasting light and dark, Tanizaki further considers the layered tones of various kinds of shadows and their power to reflect low sheen materials.

We presented a new method of designing interactive architecture. The tea house was designed by means of dynamic simulation. Physical prototypes and simulation models are the mirrored images of each other and have been developed sequentially. The roof is designed as an object which is an interactive agent that feels-thinks-acts by itself and also senses-calculates-actuates in real time. On the other hand, the floor was designed by self-adjusting kinetic function which is capable of reacting accordingly to human weight or posture in a way it has been programed. This was realized by introducing the dynamic structure engraved on continuous material and optimizing its graphical pattern using the dynamic analysis so that it’s capable of controlling its touch and movement.

We want to build-in the computer’s flexibility into physical architecture and even embed programmable/dynamic system into the habitable space; user can participate to edit architecture without awareness.

Press Release

Kinetica Art Fair 2013
February 28th – March 3rd 2013

Ambika P3
35 Marylebone Road

The aim of Kinetica Art Fair is to present works that exemplify universal concepts, heighten consciousness and advance human potential; it is through the performative and immediate nature of the works and the viewers creative engagement with them that a strong attunement to the concepts are activated. Many of the works are intuitive in the ways that they reach out to the viewer or the viewer will activate the work into being, a kind of living art where the viewer and art are creating an inter-change, or physical dialogue.

Kinetica Art Fair 2013 Web Site

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