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Forest Walkway to the Roof of Modality – how to control uncontrolable?

Project | Oct 2005- |
Yosuke Komiyama

I have been interested in behavior of amorphous structure, how to control uncontrolable… text and images will follow.

forest pedestrian walkway (2007)
Mammoth Architects (Norihisa Kawashima + Yosuke Komiyama + Kenji Kobayashi)

New wooden pedestrian overpass proposed in a certain city in Japan.

Existing pedestrian overpass is just for crossing over intersection.
It would be more pleasant if we cross the intersection as walking in the forest.
You can stop on the way and stay when you find a favorite place,feeling the sunlight through the branches and leaves of trees.
Therefore, we make the “Forest” in the intersection.

“Forest” consists of two kinds of panels made of the engineering wood, light structural material.
The panels compose the space frame truss by only two basic units and they are easy to assemble.
3 dimensional penrose tile system allow group of standardised components to form controlled yet unpredictable space.

“Trunks” will be arranged according to the shape of an existing pavement.
“Branches” extend so that the adjoined trunks are tied by the arch.
“Leaves” extend to form the truss together with the branches.
An oval floor connecting elevators and stairs is supported by “Trunks,” “Branches,” and “Leaves”

Non-periodic extention of “Leaves” are following the direction of “Branches.”
The structure system is independent from the shape of floor, so it makes each segment of floor all unique.

———————————— to be continued

secure openness sustainable pediatric clinic in Africa (2009)
Yosuke Komiyama + Jin Matsumoto

fünfte facade (2005)
Yosuke Komiyama

the roof of modality (2010)

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