Central Glass International Architectural Design Competition 2011 / セントラル硝子国際建築設計競技2011

46th competition theme “Glass architecture in 2050″ / 第46回「2050年のガラスの建築」

Received Special Prize / 佳作受賞

Open publication - Free publishing - More 2011

After Industrial Revolution, architectural glass production in the factory has provided stable quality of glass, and wide variety of glass forms.

In the meantime, 3. 11 Tohoku Earthquake revealed that once the factories where things are produced were damaged, production process would be suspended and provoked shortage of supply.  The idea represented here seeks for a new system of factory and attempts to revitalise the history of glass production, which propose the future of glass architecture, for instance, in 2050.

Takayuki Ishii / 石井孝幸

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