Hong Kong International Competition

Design Description
Its function more traditional border control building to check through the passive vehicle and passengers, to some extent give the impression to hinder communication. To this end we think we should give the building a more positive features to appeal to people actively use buildings. In order to reflect the depth / cross-border cooperation with Italy, we will set up an attractive entertainment features between Hong Kong and Shenzhen ports, making a total shared by both areas. Even if two people go to another place, this building can also be used to its entertainment function.
On the other hand, this architecture as a symbol of cooperation between the two places open, we hope to witness the building itself through co-operation over time, increasing prosperity. Therefore, we pick up the original base in Hong Kong for the elements on the lush green belt, green seeds will be planted in the roof of our building on the organic body, as time goes on, the green seed rooted in architecture, lush prosperity and ultimately become linked two to the ‘eco-green bridge’.
For the local climate is hot and humid all year round, good natural ventilation and energy conservation can play a significant role in environmental protection. By fluid dynamics (CFX) analysis to find out the relatively low pressure area. In these areas turn skylight on the roof, use and poor indoor air travel to get a good pull out the wind effect. At the same time for the sunshine through the analysis of the study, the number of skylights will open at a reasonable range, both to ensure indoor lighting, while avoiding too much sunlight to accept the heat.